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Update: Fortunately for the spell, but unfortunately for the fun you could have with it, the issue with Chi Wave seems to have been fixed in a recent Beta build. Additionally, Jasmine Force Tea, an ability that could supply you with Chi for a small mana cost (read: eternally if out of combat), is gone, which slows down Chi generation outside of combat dramatically.

I was strolling around in Ashenvale on my Mistweaver monk today — just a normal day in the life of a cuddly, questing bear — when suddenly …

In order to get rid of my Chi, I decided to cast a Chi Wave.

As some might already know, Chi Wave is an instant cast that you can cast on either friend or enemy and that will bounce up to four times, always from friend to enemy or the other way around (creating either three heals and two damage ticks or three damage ticks and two heals). So, imagine my surprise when …

And go to Orgrimmar, I did.

And this is when it hit me … If all of this worked, maybe I could even … ?

No, that would be too good!

Haha! Hit you right in the face, Garrosh! What are you gonna do now, huh?!

And after this had worked, I just had to try and kill someone with it. Death by Chi Wave, so to speak.

15 minutes later …

Another 5 minutes later …

I’m sorry, priests, but I couldn’t let you learn how to kill your allies, too, now could I? (also: she was level 60! Where is you hit point regeneration NOW?!)

Satisfied and with a smirk on my face I turned around to go back to questing.

But then I saw him.

I could kill him!

I never had anything against the dude, per se, but damnit, I couldn’t let the opportunity to kill a celebrity from my own faction slide, could I?

And so, this beloved hero of the Horde found his end at the hands of Chi Wave.


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Hell yeah, that's ingame graphics!

The following post contains spoilers for this year’s BlizzCon (maybe you have the Virtual Ticket and still want to watch ALL THE THINGS?) and for the next expansion of WoW. If you want to remain unspoiled, you might want to avoid this post. And the entirety of the WoW population. And the internet. Basically, dig a hole and get comfortable there. Or don’t. Anyway, you have been warned and won’t be able to sue me for all my cookies.

To get this out of the way, I wasn’t there. Unfortunately, BlizzCon was not in the cards for me, both financially and studies-related (but more financially, to be honest). I did, however, purchase the Virtual Ticket (or the smell-free BlizzCon, courtesy of the Twisted Nether BlizzCon Live Blog), so I was at least able to see all the panels, big announcements and Opening and Closing Ceremonies. And I have to say: it was awesome. And not only the con itself; the Foo Fighters concert was the best (the best, the best, the best of Foo), although I’m probably biased here (what with being a fan and all). My verdict: the virtual ticket (VT) was completely worth it. At least for information-sucking vacuum cleaners like me. “What? A panel on how they made the new Diablo III cinematic? I don’t care too much for Diablo, but … meh, bring it.” If, however, you only wanted to see your favorite Blizzard IP information announced (or drool all over Chris Metzen/Kat Hunter — see, that’s how you stay gender-unspecific), I don’t think the VT would’ve been for you anyway.


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